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Top 5 anime shows Empty Top 5 anime shows

Post  Guardian Warrior on Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:19 pm

What are your 5 favorite anime shows,and why do you like them soooooooo much?Mine are:
1.Dragon Ball Z
This was the first anime show I ever watched,and will always be my favorite.
I love the action,along with how silly Goku is.

2.Naruto/Naruto Shipuuden
Naruto is such a goofball.Also,he is very loyal to his friends,even if they
betray him.I love the jutsu,especially those related to the Sharingan.

I love the action.Also,I think the Zanpaktou are very interesting.

4.Avatar:The Last Airbender
I know most would not consider this an anime since it does not come from
Japan,but it is a very interesting show.I have sooooooooo many memories
of things I've done with my friends while watching this show,back when I
lived in Tennessee.It reminds me of the fun I had while at home.

Pokemon are basically animals with special abilities.I like shows that
transform real things into something special.

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